I’ll get to the main part why I almost stopped carpet cleaning, but first I want to say. . .
You Can’t Stop What’s Coming

I just “finished” a huge project. It’s very special and sacred to me. And I believe once you hear what it is it’ll become deeply personal and profound to you. Why? It happened after cleaning your carpet. No apologies about this now or later (I believe in this too much and it’s why I’m reaching out to you).

What Happened to Me and My Thousand Oaks CA Carpet Cleaning Company from 2008 to 2015
I was in the middle of what most would call a mid-life crisis. My marriage was disintegrating, my relationship with my children was disappearing, and my faith was being rocked to the core, and I remember asking the age-old question, “Why isn’t this getting better, no matter what I do?” and was startled when God began to speak to me as one Carpet-Cleaner to another.

Why I Almost Stopped Carpet Cleaning and Closed Done Rite Carpet Care
The more success my carpet cleaner company Done Rite Carpet Care realized with my cleaning process the more my marriage and family struggled. I took one-step-forward and then two-steps-back. I hated this and it eventually burned me out.

And up until now I’ve had no interest, whatsoever, in sharing this with you—my loyal client. There was even a period when I slipped off the grid for a bit: I stripped the signs off the vans, stopped marketing and advertizing, and lost interest in growing the company all together. I even lost faith in my invention, The Restorative Carpet Cleaning Process that prevents and corrects carpet issues like reappearing spots and soil-magnet-syndrome. (This patent pending cleaning was my pride and joy.)

Lifestyle Design

You know that Four Hour Work Week stuff Tim Ferris talks about? It can really happen.

At least it did for me.

Miracles Happen When You Challenge God

What happens is that you stop doing the job that burned you out. And life gets really fun because you start following your passion.

So I think I was telling you about. . .

What No One Can Stop From Coming (That I Want To Give You A FREE Sample Of)

One-half of my “mini-retirement” was invested at home, restoring relationships with my wife and children, and the other half was spent at the office, and different seminar workshops, decoding my carpet cleaning process into a principle driven formula to do for my life and others, what my Restorative Cleaning does for carpet—it stops pain-in-the-neck reappearing spots and soil-magnet-syndrome from happening. I’ve had so much success with the Restorative Cleaning Process for LIFE that I wrote and produced the new book, Stop Spot-Cleaning Your Life: A Guide to Restoring Your Life to Radical, Clean Happiness in a World That Keeps You Chasing It, and it’ll be available for purchase next month on Valentine’s Day. I’m writing to you—the best part of my company—my loyal client– to offer for FREE the Introduction and Chapter 1 of my new book, Stop Spot-Cleaning Your Life. Readers across the country are weighing in. There’s a common theme to every review…


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