Who founded Done Rite Carpet Care?

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John Gray founded Done Rite Carpet Care in 1994 after years of working in the janitorial business. Experienced in cleaning services, John knew how to serve people and businesses. He quickly realized that most carpet cleaning companies were not providing good service and did not seem to know the facts about cleaning. John took his cleaning knowledge to a new level, becoming certified as an expert in cleaning not only carpets, but furniture fabrics, hardwood and laminate flooring, tile, grout, natural stone, and air ducts as well. He immersed himself in education, studying cleaning magazines, trade journals, manuals, as well as networking with other professionals across the country. As a result, he began to solve many difficult cleaning problems for local carpet cleaners, carpet retailers, designers, and homeowners. Most other cleaning professionals did not know how to solve these problems, so a niche for Done Rite Carpet Care was born. Over the years, John continued to build his company, adding important certifications and designations along the way. Done Rite Carpet Care is an I.I.C.R.C.-certified firm, and John conducts seminars in the Los Angeles and Ventura County areas instructing others on how to have a healthier home and get the longest life out of their furnishings.

We would be honored at the opportunity to earn your trust and become your personal carpet and hard surface floor care provider for many years to come. If you would like to learn more ways you can benefit from our service, or if you would simply like some free friendly phone tips about cleaning, please call me personally at (877) 955-2378 extension 4.
Thanks in advance for your time and consideration!
John Gray, aka Johnny Done Rite

What You Should Know About Done Rite Carpet Care:

My company differs from ordinary carpet cleaners in many important ways. I did not launch this business to build wealth. I started it because, when I was a young kid, my mom and I were victimized by an unscrupulous carpet cleaner who pressured my mom into purchasing a high-priced, low-quality cleaning with no guarantee. Those types of companies still exist today. Done Rite Carpet Care is the opposite, as we are dedicated to consumer education and exceptional customer service, successfully serving Ventura and West Los Angeles Counties for over 20 years.

Why Other Home And Business Owners Like You Choose Done Rite Carpet Care?

We have cleaned, repaired, or restored over 40,000-plus jobs and our most important objective has always been client satisfaction. We use only the most effective green, anti-allergen, corrective cleaning processes – which are restorative in nature, eco-friendly, and dry rapidly – on every surface. This method is the most thorough and provides a long-lasting result that keeps warranties intact and indoor air quality healthier. We guarantee every job. You will find that we take great pride in treating every client the “Done Rite” way.

Not All Carpet Cleaning Companies Are Created Equally…
For carpet, hardwood and laminate floors, tile grout, natural stone, upholstery, and air duct cleaning, our mission is simple and straight forward: To provide you, our client (the best part of our company), with an outstanding service experience every time.