Newbury Park Carpet Cleaning, Attention Result-Minded Homeowner:

Are You Ready To Make Your Carpet Cleaner Than You Ever Thought Possible (Even If You’ve Been Told Its A Goner)? Was Your Last Carpet Cleaning A Disappointment? Does your carpet struggle to stay clean? Do you want to prevent or fix recurring spots? Do you want to avoid or fix a cleaning that makes your carpet get dirty fast? Are you embarrassed to have company over? Are you contemplating replacing it with a hard surface floor? Instead of deep-cleaning or replacing it, there is an easier way to care for your carpet. Let me show you how to restore your carpet’s original shine and simplify maintenance by booking a free carpet correcting audit ($297 Value!).

First, please watch the brief presentation below that covers what 99% of our new clients were dealing with before they hired us. Shows you how the carpet correcting audit works and what you get, that you’re not going to want to miss out on!

Done Rite Carpet Care… Your Neighborhood Professional Carpet Cleaning Company In Newbury Park, Ca., 91320

When you need quality carpet cleaning services in your Newbury Park home, you need a carpet cleaning company that doesn’t cut corners and that always puts your needs first. At Done Rite Carpet Care, your Top Rated Local® Carpet Cleaner, not only will you get a reliable and reputable service, but you’ll also get more value for your dollar. With our perma-clean philosophy, you won’t spend any time worrying about whether you got the best carpet cleaning services for your hard-earned money or not. So how does our process stand out from other carpet cleaning companies in the Dos Vientos/Newbury Park neighborhoods? The answer is simple—we put the customer’s needs first. The problem with most Stainmaster and other stain-resistant quality carpets is that they develop unwanted issues like recurring spots, dingy color tone, and what I call “soil-magnet syndrome”- where the more it gets cleaned the faster it gets dirty, but 100% of these downfalls are due to correctable spot/deep-cleaning mistakes made by people who tried to do those types of jobs in the past. However, more often than not, this comes at the expense of you because if you are never informed about this, the time span from one cleaning to the next shrinks, the stress and cost of maintenance skyrockets, and you end up going through a frustrating and expensive early replacement.

That’s why I founded Done Rite Carpet Care and created the Carpet Correcting Project! At Done Rite Carpet Care, we restore the showroom shine and simplify maintenance with our proprietary restorative cleaning process. That’s right, we get the job done right the first time. With our 30-day “spot & spill” insurance on every cleaning we offer, if you spill something on accident, it will be at our expense, not yours! Contact us today or call/text us at (805) 334 – 8994 now to schedule or learn more about our 100% guarantee and other services we offer.

Newbury Park Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaning

Another beneficial service we offer here at Done Rite Carpet Care is hardwood and laminate floor cleaning. Hardwood and laminate floors are one of the most beautiful aspects of a home and chances are, you want to do everything to preserve and protect it and keep it looking its best at all times. The problem with most hardwood, laminate, or luxury vinyl floors is that if they are maintained improperly by different people or house/maid cleaning companies who tried to do those types of jobs in the past, they will often appear dull and dingy and lackluster and lose their shine due to over-the-counter cleaners (ie Bona Floor Cleaner and Polish/Finish for hardwood/laminate, Rejuvenate Floor Cleaner and Polish/Finish for Hardwood/Laminate, Zep Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner and Polish/Finish, Murphy Oil Soap, Fabuloso Cleaner, Mop & Glo Floor Cleaner and Polish/Finish, Simple Green, Pinesol, Bruce Hardwood & Laminate Cleaner and Polish/Finish, Pledge, Liquid Gold Floor Restore, Quick Shine Floor Cleaner and Polish/Finish, Weiman Hardwood Laminate Floor Cleaner and Polish/Finish, etc.,) building up over time with many, many, many layers and applications on top of the floor, altering the Ph of the surface, causing it to look “off” and it becomes an eyesore. The great news is that you can prevent, correct, and restore this (what I call soil-magnet syndrome– where the more you clean the faster it gets dirty and NEVER looks like new again!) by calling a reliable hardwood and laminate floor cleaner/preserver! At Done Rite, we offer the same 100% guarantee on our hardwood and laminate floor cleaning and preservation services as our carpet cleaning services, so you have nothing to lose! Contact us today or call/text us at (805) 334 – 8994 now to book or learn more about our full range of carpet/floor (ie tile grout, natural stone, hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl, area rugs, upholstery, air duct, and clothes dryer vent) cleaning services we offer or start your next cleaning project with us. We’re excited to get to know you!

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Call/text us at (805) 334 – 8994 now to schedule or learn more about how we can help you return the showroom shine and simplify maintenance!