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Which Logo Do You Like Best (I stink At Graphic Design)


Note: Thanks to EVERYONE for your input. Here’s how the voting broke down: E (64 votes); A (51 votes); C (24 votes); D (18 votes); and (B with 12 votes). These votes included email replies and tweets. So we’re happy to announce that E will be our logo for the upcoming launch.

So . . .


. . . Project Life-Carpet Cleaning is Launching in 11 Days and I had the genius idea to redo our look and feel before everything goes live.




Anyway, since I have the aesthetic sensibilities of a bat (and that’s being generous), I wanted your opinion on the following 5 logos.


I’d be super grateful for your help by ranking them in the comments. (If were up to me

I’d probably chose an ugly font and write “Project Mojave” with it and be done with it… oh wait, that’s what I did the first time).


I’m less concerned about “graphic integrity,” “aesthetic consistency” and that nonsense.


Mostly I want to know that you that YOU feel most represents Project Mojave.


So here they are (thanks to Tracy for helping me select these 5 logos from the original batch).

Project Life-Carpet Cleaning: Enjoy Self Restoration in 5 steps

Logo A


Logo B

Logo c

Logo d

Logo e

Oh yeah, I and want to be clear about the fact that I did NOT make these.

Anyway, I seriously need your help. Or at least the graphically incompetent part of my brain does.

Thanks a ton,


P.S. Don’t think about it too much. Just go with your gut.