Everyman carpet cleaner defies all odds

You know how intimidating and frightening trusting your gut and following your passion can be, when you are stepping out in Faith and doing something that seems like an insurmountable project?

I know about this subject…

Three years ago, I asked for my wife’s approval to take action on what I thought was wishful thinking and a silly thought—actually penning my life story. I didn’t want to write and produce a book. I just felt like I needed to. I asked for my wife’s consent, imagining she’d say, “Maybe some other time,” and eventually forget about it, and I’d be off the hook for this apparently insurmountable task without feeling guilty about it. To my utter shock, she thought about it for a couple minutes and then gave me the go ahead. I thought I was crazy for asking her and thought she was even crazier for saying yes. It suddenly occurred to me that my entire life had come to a fork in the road: God just opened a door wide and left it purely up to me to go through it, or not. What I didn’t know is that on the other side of the door was the unspoken “cry of my heart”: the restoration of every arena of my life to Radical, Clean Happiness.

I must admit. I was pretty darn scarred to invest the amount of time, energy, money, and emotion I knew it would take to write, edit, publish, and produce this book. You’d think I’d be even more scared to have family, friends, and perfect strangers read my life-work and pick it apart. But, the truth is I’m not. In fact, I whole heartedly welcome ALL reviews (positive AND negative). Why? Because I left all of the doubt, fear, worry, and uncertainty in the trenches of my past. Now all I have is certainty in my story. And like my secret mentor, Linda McCarthy (Executive Director B.N.I. Ventura County), always says, “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!”

Anyhow… I welcome your thoughts. Please hit the comment button and enter your feedback. I read (and very much appreciate) every comment.

You are the best!

–John William Gray

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