How to Get a Life-Carpet Cleaning Lifetime Membership (Or Win a Free One) (NOTE: This post NEEDS Editing and email submission form at bottom of post before it goes live!)

In May and June of 2018, we are going to let a group of lifetime members into Project Life-Carpet Cleaning. These members (will always) have unlimited access to coaching phone calls . . . and lifetime access to nearly every new membership site, conference, mastermind, round table event, product, and website we create.




Lucky them.


But I’m lucky too. Because many lifetime members will go on to become Project Life-Carpet Cleaning community leaders (many of my book readers want to lead accountability groups, mentor future members, and moderate forums).


And many of them will someday go on to become Project Life-Carpet Cleaning faculty.

It makes me happy to know that they’ll be hanging with us (inside Project Life-Carpet Cleaning) for at least the next decade or two.


Anyway . . . since Project Life-Carpet Cleaning got the green light, I’ve received a steady stream of emails asking if lifetime memberships will ever be available again.

And my answer has (almost always) been “maybe.”

But a few days ago, something significant happened that changed my mind.


So, sometime this week, I’ll be admitting 10 new lifetime members to Project Mojave.

There won’t be a “launch” (or hype).

And my goal in this is to build our community . . .

. . . by adding to the dedicated core of members who are down with the spirit and mission of Project Life-Carpet Cleaning.


If you’re interested in being one of the 10, enter your email below AND email John at