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Introducing: The INSTANT Perma-Clean Carpet Program

 Where an INSTANT "Perma-Clean Carpet" is a promise, not a marketing gimmick. 

"Discover The 4 Things You Must Know To Return Your Carpet (And Keep It!) As Close Back To Its Original Orientation As Possible. Plus, An Exclusive Invitation To Enroll To The INSTANT Perma-Clean Carpet Program, And Get For FREE A One-Time Introductory Bonus Offer ($1,344.00 Value!) To Use At Your Next Cleaning! "

These Things Really Work! I'll Show You Them (And The Amazing Introductory Bonus Offer) In The Presentation Below...

Hi! I'm glad we found each other.

When I was thirteen-years-old, my single-mom was victimized by an unscrupulous carpet cleaner company. Those kinds of carpet cleaning companies still exist today.

That negative experience inspired me to found, Done Rite Carpet Care, in 1994. We are in business to serve you the way you desire and deserve (like how I wish my mom would've been treated!).

My company is dedicated to three things: (1) Always treating you, the "Done Rite" way. (2) Delivering a "system" that is designed to make carpet stay always beautiful, and last as long as possible for as little as possible. And (3) To help you get the most out of your carpet investment.


John William Gray

How You Benefit By Enrolling To The Perma-Clean Carpet Program:

  • 200% Risk-Free, Hand Signed Guarantee
  • Stop Carpet From Re Soiling Fast After It Gets Cleaned
  • Crystal Clear Snapshot Of The Steps To Achieve A Perma-Clean Carpet
  • Increase Your Carpet's Life By Up To 77%
  • Approachable, Uniquely Trained And Certified Restorative Cleaning Specialists
  • Reverse Engineered Plan To Get And Keep Your Carpet At Point "A"
  • Stop Re Appearing Spots From Re Surfacing Bigger And Darker
  • Decrease Your Future Maintenance Cost By Up To 66%
  • A Baby And Pet Safe, Anti-Allergy Restorative Cleaning To Get Your Carpet At Point "A"
  • And Much More...

Why I Do This!

The Perma-Clean Carpet Program and Introductory Bonus Offer ($1344.00 Value!) were created after it became clear to me that…

Too many carpets get replaced way to early, and never last (or perform) the way they are capable of. They get stuck at one of the 3 plateaus: Stability (Annual or bi-annual deep cleanings to get through till the next cleaning), Survival (Carpet struggles to stay clean despite more frequent and costly aggressive care), Defeated (Consumer throws in the towel and changes flooring before its time)

Many consumers blame the carpet manufacturer, and try different spot removers and different professional carpet cleaners to make their carpet last and stay CLEAN—But nothing changes because it’s not the carpet that’s the problem. It’s just the cleaning model that needs to change.

The cleaning model that many consumers originally buy into (ie spot cleaning with over-the-counter-spot-cleaner, followed by not vacuuming until it looks like it needs it, followed by getting it professionally "deep" cleaned every 12 to 24 months) is conducive to developing re appearing spots, skyrocketing invoices and frequency of cleanings, and expensive early replacement.

For the last 5 years, I’ve been working with a select group of Home Owners and Commercial Business Decision-Makers, taking their carpet from Surviving and struggling to look presentable to Thriving and always clean. Thus, helping them to increase carpet life by up to 77% and decrease future maintenance cost by up to 66%. That's how the Perma-Clean Carpet Program was born. I'm opening enrollment to you—so you can get their same results.

I’m going to take a very new approach to cleaning carpet and educating consumers and I think you’ll be in for quite a few surprises.

I'm on a one-man-mission to take repeat carpet sales OFF the endangered species list, as well as to restore your carpet-- and your confidence back in it-- for good!


Ellyn Leyva

News Anchor At ABC News
"John and Done Rite Carpet Care are exceptional. I wouldn't use anyone else.
You can trust them to do an incredible job!"

Jim Duran
Pastor of The River Community Church, Ventura, CA.
"John is a great guy and his company Done Rite Carpet Care, goes above and beyond the call of duty. He is trustworthy and is a man of integrity."

Linda McCarthy
Owner, BNI of Ventura County
"John is such a great man of character...he is reliable and honest. He cares deeply for his clients. Another thing I admire is that he is a real student of business and customer service which certainly shows."


The Instant Perma-Clean Carpet Program

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