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How You Can Win a Project Life-Carpet Cleaning Membership (And an Additional $4,885.00 in prizes) (NEEDS EDITING before linking to email and going live … The 2 minute video about selection process…and link like below)


Important Update: In Addition to Giving Away Project Life-Carpet Cleaning, We’re Also Giving Away The Following to the Two Winners . . .

  • THE LIFE-CARPET STRATEGIC ROADMAP by John William Gray (will eventually sell for $297)
  • THE LIFE-CARPET RESTORATION FORMULA by John William Gray (will eventually sell for $997)
  • THE LIFE-CARPET BREAKTHROUGH RESULTS SYSTEM by John William Gray (will eventually sell for $297)
  • THE LIFE-CARPET VISION ACHIEVER FORMULA by John William Gray (will eventually sell for $297)
  • THE LIFE-CARPET ***RESTORATION TO MILLIONS*** BLUEPRINT by John William Gray (will eventually sell for $2997, but is worth far more)

Total Cost (that you get for free) = $4,885.00

Hey there, hope you’re having a killer day and have been enjoying this week’s content.


If You Check out Nothing                                VIDEO goes here

Else This Week, Make Sure

You See . . .

  1. This two-minute video: it’s about how

I’ll be selecting a Project Life-Carpet Cleaning

Member’s vision of radical, clean happiness and turning it into a limitless life jackpot in 3.8 months . . . we’ll hold a contest to see whose vision gets selected. (I won’t ONLY be *teaching* Project Life-Carpet Cleaning members how to restore. I’ll be showing them as well… because while you’re restoring your life-carpet back to radical, clean happiness, I will be also — and showing you everything I can).


  1. Make sure you also check out the The Life-Carpet Restoration blueprint.


So . . . as you probably know, I’m opening Project Life-Carpet Cleaning on Tuesday. To 200 people.


Now check this out… I’m going to run a little contest here and give Project Life-Carpet Cleaning to two winners: I’ll announce the winners on Monday evening.


This is YOUR chance to win Project Life-Carpet Cleaning


This Will Only Take a Couple of Minutes . . . All You Have to Do Is Answer ONE Question


In the comments section of this blog post, tell me . . .


1.) Why you think Project Life-Carpet Cleaning can help you restore your life back to radical, clean happiness. (Or, if you already have restored your life back to radical, clean happiness, tell me why you think Project Life-Carpet Cleaning is the course that can help you take it to the next level).


(Note: If you’re particularly excited about *watching* me restore a life-carpet “in the trenches” with you — while YOU’RE also restoring yours — then . . . let me know EXACTLY which aspect of life-carpet restoring you most want to watch).


That’s it!

Entries with more SPECIFICS have a better chance of winning.

And …

If you’re a current Project Life-Carpet Cleaning member, feel free to leave me a note (in the comments section below) about some of the results you’ve achieved, and if YOU win, I’ll upgrade your membership to a LIFETIME membership of Project Life-Carpet Cleaning . . . as well as throw in a LIFETIME membership to every other product I create.

On Sunday and Monday, I’m going to go through every single one of your responses and award a winner early Tuesday morning.

If you win, you’re gonna get…

  1. Complete access to the Project Life-Carpet Cleaning portal, where we cover everything you’ll need to restore your life-carpet.
  2. Access to “Q and A” call-in days so you can call us with your most pressing life-carpet restoring questions


I will award two winners.


I’m really excited to read your entry and hear what you have to say . . .


Good Luck!


P.S. – Remember, Project Life-Carpet Cleaning opens to the first 200 people this coming Tuesday the 13th at 5PM Eastern: just go here [insert link] at that time.