How To Boot Out Your Annoying Allergens At Absolutely No Risk To Your Pocketbook

Stop Sleeping with the ENEMY!

A New Healthy Home Air Quality Inspection You May Not Know About

Is there any reason why…… Shouldn’t you have the cleanest indoor air quality in town?

Our indoor air quality testing will reveal allergens that could be harmful to you and your family

“Hi, I’m John Gray, the owner of the only carpet cleaning company in Ventura County, California, who loves kicking unwanted allergens to the curb! With this very quick, yet extremely powerful healthy home inspection, we’ll be able to identify where unwanted allergens are living in your home. Believe me, if your dust mites and their friends knew you were having us to your home, they’d hightail it out, and never even think of coming back!

Even better, when you call now to schedule your free inspection and estimate, I’ll give you $175.00 in free bonuses!

Let’s face it, not all green, allergy cleaning companies give dust mites and other allergens an equally bad time. The air quality control industry, I’m sorry to report, has problems with con-artists, disreputable technicians, and even national companies who cheat on their customers, while at the same time, tens of thousands of destructive, symptom-causing allergens have been left undetected in thousands of Ventura County homes.

Without my unique air quality improvement process, you and your family will be exposed to the ravages of all those crawling, symptom-causing allergens. Before you know it, days will have turned into weeks, then months and then years.

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